Subroutine to report on the number of days a share account has been negative

The subroutine SR.NEG.SHARE is called from a dictionary and returns the number of days negative a share account has been. Once globally catalogued, the subroutine can be called from any dictionary. The only argument is a valid account id. If the account balance is positive it will return a null value. If the account balance is negative but hasn't been for 1 day then it will return 0. It will return null for loans and certificate accounts. Otherwise it will return the number of days the account has been negative up till the last transaction on record.

This program is extremely helpful in the management of negative share accounts and delinquent privilege pay accounts. What previously required lots of manual processing can now be automated easily. Additionally you will be able to see a clearer picture of your negative share accounts and your member's habits.

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